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Bounce Back was borne out of a design partnership, as a CSR project its early employees and interns were ex-offenders who helped to name and brand the charity and went on to work in design. We have never lost sight of these roots


Not only have Tektura supported our participants with training and provision of wallpaper, but they have created digital wallcoverings from the paintings in the charity’s collection which are sold to raise money for Bounce Back.

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In addition they have invited Bounce Back members to design a wallpaper – they’re working on it!


Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 17.27.28Our garden at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in July 2014 was a colourful expression of our inspiring story giving people a second chance. It narrated the journey our participants embark upon with us through plant form, texture and colour showing the transition from unskilled offender to employed painter and decorator.

creative-projects-orbA focal point was a Sculptured “Orb” handcrafted within HMP Rochester by partners Changing Paths. Engraved with the words “An obstacle is often a Stepping Stone” the sculpture symbolised the many issues participants must overcome to get their lives back on track. The ball is now situated within HMP Brixton.

Alongside the painting and decorating,  creative projects enables us to embrace other opportunities and seek employment for other recruits.



Some of our participants demonstrate that they have creative skills while they’re with us and we give them the opportunity to develop this.  In addition we invite other creative projects to join with us and we work up ideas including writing and theatre projects.  We have our first creative project ambassador at Warwick University who is spreading the word, a new recruit recently left Stamford Hall.

We also invite agencies to offer an internship to our trainees.

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  • “Bounce Back is, above all, about its people. What is known is that a job and income on release is fundamental to success in coping with day to day life and preventing re-offending. Our drive to change perception in employers and clients is reaping rewards and our professional team is working around London and the Home Counties.

    The mutual trust and respect at the core of our values reflects the growing belief in giving social enterprises and socially disadvantaged people an opportunity to succeed and thrive. We are just one stage in this development, the determination of our participants to start a new life and move on is a formidable ingredient in the recipe for success."

    Francesca Findlater, Founder/Chairman

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