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If you or someone you know would benefit from our programme we would love to hear from you

How people can join us

Previous construction industry experience is not required to join any of our training programmes.

You can access our training courses in one of two ways:

– Within HMP Brixton

To take advantage of the opportunity to get skilled in preparation for release applications should be lodged with the wing officer in excess of 3 months prior to release date.

– Within the community

If you are interested but not within HMP Brixton you can apply for training in the community on our programme if you:

– will be leaving custody soon, or have already left

– are a relative of someone or connected with someone who has been in custody

– are from a prison or probation with people you would like to refer

We currently have very limited places but please register so we can contact you when places become available.

If you would like to be considered for the programme click here for a referral form or complete the form below.

If so or if you’d simply like to find out more contact

To be eligible people need to:

  • Be a serving sentence prisoner, released within the last 3 months, still on licence
  • Be returning to greater London release
  • Have a desire to pursue a career in painting and decorating


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Email (required)

Prison and Date of release (where relevant)

Offender Manager and Office

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Are you either an offender subject to statutory supervision or who has been released from prison in the last 3 months?



Do you wish to train and work as a painter and decorator?



Are you free from any alcohol or drug reduction programme or medication?



Are you free to work in the UK with a National Insurance number?



Do you have or intend to have a home address in Greater London?



Do you believe you could work as a good team member, behaving with courtesy to others whilst following work instructions?



Do you believe you are likely to complete a full time, four month training and employment programme successfully?


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  • “Bounce Back is, above all, about its people. What is known is that a job and income on release is fundamental to success in coping with day to day life and preventing re-offending. Our drive to change perception in employers and clients is reaping rewards and our professional team is working around London and the Home Counties.

    The mutual trust and respect at the core of our values reflects the growing belief in giving social enterprises and socially disadvantaged people an opportunity to succeed and thrive. We are just one stage in this development, the determination of our participants to start a new life and move on is a formidable ingredient in the recipe for success."

    Francesca Findlater, Founder/Chairman

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