The Charity

Bounce Back began as a small Painting and Decorating company in 2010. It has since expanded to become a Charity and a Social Enterprise with training centres within HMP Brixton and in the community.

The Charity is a training organisation with three training centres within HMP Brixton with a focus on getting people into paid employment in construction.

Our state of the art training centres in HMP Brixton follow the success of the community ones improving our ability to work inside and out. The centres gives inmates of the prison a fantastic opportunity to learn skills and gain qualification whilst still inside so they are better prepared upon release to obtain employment and resist re-offending. Our community centre in Crisis recruits ex-offenders post release.


Our core objective is to train and equip ex-offenders with skills, professional qualifications and an understanding of how to manage self-employment, benefits and tax so that they can move into the workplace with confidence and complete the transition from custody into paid employment.

We are proud of our achievements to date – over 600 people have been through our programme and we have a re-offending rate of less than 12% against the national average of 60%.

With recent visits from Michael Gove and George Osborne HMP Brixton is at the forefront of re-settlement with The Clink Restaurant and Bad Boys Bakery amongst others working in the prison to develop a rounded offering. Figureheads from our construction and industry partners such as Land Securities and Axis will regularly come in to the centre to present their organisations to the cohorts and talk about future job opportunities.

With the facilities Bounce Back have been able to secure these men now beaver away to get the training and qualifications that will hopefully make them part of the team to go and be deployed to gain real time work experience and with luck get a job on release.

Iqbal Wahhab, Restaraunteur

Registered Charity no: 1144297

Annual Reports

  • “Bounce Back is, above all, about its people. What is known is that a job and income on release is fundamental to success in coping with day to day life and preventing re-offending. Our drive to change perception in employers and clients is reaping rewards and our professional team is working around London and the Home Counties.

    The mutual trust and respect at the core of our values reflects the growing belief in giving social enterprises and socially disadvantaged people an opportunity to succeed and thrive. We are just one stage in this development, the determination of our participants to start a new life and move on is a formidable ingredient in the recipe for success."

    Francesca Findlater, Founder/Chairman

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